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, Phase equilibria are indicated in each field

K. Chl, ;. Cc, . Chl, . Lws, . Ank et al.,

K. Chl, . Ctd, . Qz, and . Cc, ) Ctd, Car, Qz, Cc, H2O; (6) Chl, Ctd

A. Ma, . Qz, . Chl, . An, . Qz et al., , p.2

K. Chl, . Cc, . Phg, . Ank, . Qz et al.,

C. Ank, . Kln, . Qz, . Cc, . Phg et al.,

C. Phg, . Ank, . Chl, . Ma, . Qz et al.,

A. Phg, . Chl, . Kln, . Qz, . Stlb et al.,

. Cc, . Phg, . Ctd, . Ank, . Chl et al.,

. Ank-=-ankerite,

=. Act and . Actinote,

. Arag-=-aragonite,

, Car = carpholite; Cc = calcite

. Chl-=-chlorite,

=. Ctd and . Chloritoid,

. Kln-=-kaolinite,

. Lws-=-lawsonite,

. Ma-=-margarite,

, Mstl = Magnesio-stilpnomelane

. Phg-=-phengite,

=. Qz and . Quartz,

=. Stlb and . Stilbite,

. Stlp-=-stilpnomelane,

. Wrk-=-wairakite,

. Zo-=-zoisite, Petrological evolution scenario at outcrop and hand specimen scale, vol.11

, A) Progressive reaction and lithological mixing along continuous ductile deformation (D2 tectonic event, see text in section 2.2) in the calcschists. B) Shows close-up views of mineralogy at stages t0 and t1, illustrating the main reaction consuming phyllosilicates and producing lawsonite, ankerite, quartz and water (reaction (3)) in the pelitic and carbonate domains and at their interface. C) Outcropscale spatial and textural relations between lawsonite types